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Monday, February 15, 2010

Today Mall, Sutera Mall

Went Mall hopping today. Jusco Permas, Today's Mall and Sutera Mall. Today's Mall has just started to open and most of the shops are not yet let out or closed for the CNY period. There were plenty of parking lots and we were surprised to see a steady stream of people going into the mall. Later we found that that they were going to the cinema which was on the upper floor. That seemed like a good idea, and we too bought tickets for the movie, "Wolfman". While waiting for the show, we had fun at the arcade which was opened as well.

After the boring show, we decided to seek out the Sutera Mall that a friend has shared with us. I kind of remember accidentatlly stumbling onto it before. And upon reaching there with the help of the GPS, yeap, it was the one all right. However today, it seemed bigger and nicer. Not sure if they haev just expanded, but the Mall was indeed huge. Quite suitable for a day shopping and eating there.

CNY jam. But luckily, we cleared in 45mins

Secret recipe at Permas Jusco

Aiyah, the money changer was closed

Year of the Tiger, checked

Mummy eating Kid's meal

Today Mall

Even the entrance seemed unfinished

Wolfman is showing

A Cafe here

The Cinema ticketing

D and I had fun with a game of pool which she lost miserably, of course

Ah, we like to play this too

Arriving at Sutera Mall

Hey, it is big here

Got CNY tong chiang tong chiang

Nice pond outside the Mall

We were hungry, this looked interesting

Oh my, the portion is huge


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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cre8tone said...

Such a lovely place!

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