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It's Raiden's birthday tomorrow and I thought of bringing him to LEGOLAND. It was totally unplanned and I just woke up this morning and decided to take a day off, and do a trip. He had a birthday party with his class that morning, and we had to had that settled before we set off to JB. Seeing that LEGOLAND was more on the eastern side of JB, we decided to take a bus from Jurong-East, instead of the usual trip across the causeway via Woodlands.

That was quite a mistake as the custom was quite crowded with Chinese tourist making the trip into JB from Singapore. Due to that, the trip was quite unpleasant and we had to jostled our way past these loud speaking tourists. It took all in all about 4 hours before we arrived in LEGOLAND at 4pm.

Luckily, the park itself was not crowded and we could enjoy it in a relax manner. R was not able to take some of rides eg. Rollercoasters, so we kept to the more kid friendly ones. 2 hours was enough for us to make a comfortable round the …

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