Drive up to Mersing, Fishing Bay Resort, Air Papan

This was just an impromptu trip up to Mersing, to check out a resort known as fishing bay resort. As Pat had worked the night shift, we only set off towards it around 2pm. But Mersing wasn't particulary far away and was reachable within slightly more than 2 hours.

The resort was a bit further form the main Mersing Town and was in fact very close to Air Papan. I had visited Air Papan sometime back and quite like the slow lazy feel to it. It was a beach that was called Papan (flat) due to the gradual sloping out. That meant that during the low tide, the water would recede very far away.

Knick Knacks at the Caltex Station that we stopped for refilling

Along the way, Pat stopped at a local petrol station near Mersing. To my amusement, they were selling some vegetables in boxes outside the station.

Arrived here

Ok, correct place

This Mc-Burgler guy keeps taking my photos

View of the lobby

Ooh..a team building is going on

Full of resort type activities

Resort even has a clean swimming pool

Nice "miami" look to it with the tall coconut trees

The rooms facing the beach

We arrived at the resort around 5pm. Although the sign at the entrance said, "parking for guest only", we drove in and parked just outside the rooms. No one came to stop us or question anything.

I was expecting the resort to be on the sea itself. Turned out that it was a beach resort. Facilities are nice, if you are looking for creature comfort. While we were there, there was a company team building going on. Looked like they were having a whale of a time.

Rustic long jetty to the sea

Sir, can I take a picture? Sure, boleh!

Planks well maintained

Family fishing at the end

Catch of a Catfish (Sembilang) and Gelamas (Croakers). Note the worm bait

Looking from the end to the land

Beside the resort, there was a long jetty out to the sea. The jetty was well kept and pretty new. Some local folks were fishing in the water. Water to me, didn't look that good as it was more esturary and even murky. The catches there were mainly Catfishes, and some Gelamas.

Beach looked quite scenic. But has some light oil slicks in the water

Making footprints on the sand

There was a small area of public beach. However, I didn't feel that the beach was clean, as the sand was dark and oily looking. It shouldn't be good to be dipping into the water here

We stopped by a fish farm on the way out

Cow saying, "what you looking at? I "poke" you with my horns then you know"

Arrived at Air Papan

Nope, they don't have Macdonalds here. Ramly burger is the household burger name here

Children better go build a sand castle here turtles here for sure

Air Papan shopping mall

Godek resort here

Standard attire here must be bright colored shorts

A beach volley ball match got red flagged

We then went onward to Air Papan which was just round the corner. This time round, the beach looked quite dirty. Due to the monsoon season, the waves were rather strong and due to the strong current, the water had a brownish tint to it from all the disturbed sediments. When we were there, it was high tide. So, we didn't get to see the beach during the low tide, which would be walkable a long distance from the beach front. We rested awhile there and tried out the Ramly burger. After that, it was another 2 hours plus back to JB for more shopping.

Nothing spectacular for this trip. Just a drive up to see if the resort was worth visiting for fishing, given the name. This was also the furthest that Pat had driven on the east coast. The next time, he shall be following me to Redang. *evil laugh*


Las montaƱas said…
nice photos! where is your next destination? hope can have chance to fol you!
nafishnafish said…
Thanks las montanas. join me at and watch out for the event space. I usually will announce any planned trips in case folks are keen to join me. Hope to see you one day :))
pat said…
Hi Art,
Guess wat? I went to Fishing Bay Resort in July last year too.
Anyway was wondering if u have contact for boatman to southern island for this weekend? Cheap and friendly guy would b gd :) Tks!
nafishnafish said…
Hi Pat, did you do any fishing at fishing bay resort? was it good?
For boatman contact, I personally haven't tried calling any because most of the boat trips are asked by friends to join. I think you can try this page here
oonteng said…
Found you blog via google! I must say you are very adventurous! Haha guess what? I'm heading to Fishing Bay Resort for 3rd time this coming Sunday :-)
nafishnafish said…
Hi oonteng, wow, 3rd time? May I know what do you do there? Just rest and relax? You are actually quite near to Kelong Acheh further up at Penyabong. Very nice scenic area. Try there sometime.
oonteng said…
We like the place.
Thanks for the pointer! I'll drive up to Penyabong to check it out.
nafishnafish said…
Can read about kelong acheh here.
We want to invite you to come to uor island at Tinggi Island for your next trip...main activities here,-FISHING-..and we got long clean sandy beach..also jungle tracking activities (beginner)..and variation of accomodation that suite your budget..thx n regards

kelleykatz said…
Salam Kenal..

Nice trip...

next time you plan any trip pls let me know ;)
Anonymous said…
Salam ...
Planning going there R&R with hubby and my gerl ... this coming March

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